Tips und Tricks

Andreas Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks -  for successful integration

  • Be open and positive
  • Learn the language
  • Get out among people. Expand your circle of friends and acquaintances.
    • Join a club (Verein). If you have a hobby, sport or cultural activity you love – there is a club for it in your town or in the area.
    • Meet people in your partner’s, or employer’s extended family or friends.Pretend you are looking for a job or an apartment in the want ads. Draw a circle on a list of possible contacts and get in touch with them.
  • It's so important to meet and build relationships with the locals, your neighbors for example. I’m not recommending inviting just anyone - they should fit to you. I don’t open my door to someone simply because they are Swiss or Brazilian.
  • Just relax. Imagine you are on a positive adventure.
  • Use your strengths. 
  • Use that “I’ll show them” attitude.
  • Reflect - Ask yourself questions:
    • What can you do for yourself to make your life more beautiful?"
      • I went to an international book store in Zürich once in the month. That was pre-internet. I could spend hours reading books in Portuguese and simply enjoy being in the city. It lifted my spirits.
      • Where would you like to visit?
      • What would you like to experience here?
  • If you don’t like something - ask yourself some questions:
    • How can I change it - I can’t expect others to change to fit me and my expectations
    • Can I change it? If not...
    • Can I accept it
What not to do!
  • Do not give up
  • Stop telling yourself everything is bad - there are some things going well:
    • Be thankful for them, make a list if you have to
    • Makes the best of what you have at the moment
  • Do not complain – it doesn’t help anyway


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