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What do you like…
Schnuggabock in Teufen, Appenzell. It has the old school rooms for birthday parties and a restaurant in the stable. You actually sit on glass-covered bales of hay and the piglets can be seen through a window.

Favorite Food         Risotto

Favorite Word         
“äuä (ouch in Bern dialect) they know how to quickly you can bring something to the point (Ironic considering their reputation as being slow)

Hate Word               It’s easy

Places to Go                                       
Of course the castle in Werdenberg,I find the mountains beautiful, other castles & ancient buildings, the open air museum Ballenberg,  Lucerne, Sarnen

Favorite Performer     Duo Divertimento

Favorite TV Show       SRF - Niki Hagmann SRF “Bei di Lüt" (By the People) in your new home?
Reliability – it takes you longer to get to know the Swiss but afterwards, if you need help it's like in the military – they are there for you standing in a row. Brazilians are quick to say, "Come by 20: 00". When you arrive and ring the doorbell, nobody is home. They don't mean it in a bad way, they're simply not reliable. They don’t take things seriously.
Sports / Winter sports - I would have liked to have learned, but I have no patience. Seven times I got on those stupid boards (skis) and each time I fell. No, I decided, never again. I like sledding and ice-skating. BUT - I skate with the blue barrel or Penguin that the little ones use. In Rio we have also an ice rink. It’s crazy. Its 40° and we skate in shorts and T-Shirts.
Miss the Most from Brazil?          My family and the food.
Favorite Food from Brazil -          Coxinha de Galinh – Chicken in pastry


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