Winter Tops und Flops

I want to apologise for my absence. I had a double dose of fever. I had fever with the flu for two weeks and I got a bad case of ski-fever. It is truly amazing, after all that I have been through, that I even want to ski.

I want to apologize for my absence for the last three weeks. My health reflected our winter weather - top or flop. My ski vacation in Laax (my second home) was top.  The flu, my constant companion the last two weeks, was definitely a flop.

My fever didn’t just register on the thermometer, I also got ski fever. The slopes beckoned with snow and sunshine, and b.v.g. (before the flu) I had been skiing several times.  In English we say, "Hit the slopes".  Which in my case explains pretty much exactly what I do.  I hit the slopes with full body deployment; especially my bottom, even my head, my knees and as you will learn, with my hands and wrists.  I was an ancient learner - 36 years old.  And I’m not very talented, but you know what?  Skiing is so amazing - if there is lots of fresh snow, the sun is shining, the slopes are as wide as an interstate and there isn’t a person in sight. Ok, good, so there really aren’t a lot of opportunities for me to ski.
That’s why there are ski huts posing as restaurants, but are usually bars. When my skiing criteria isn’t met, I set out to discover the trendy but cozy alpine chic restaurants. The Capuseria in Flims next to the Foppa chair lift, as well as the Tegia Miez under Crap San Gion hit the mark.  Are you familiar with Capuns the specialty from Grison? This mangold wrapped dumplings is delicious. Can you imagine what Barbie and Ken might have to do with a restaurant in a ski resort?  Read on and find out. Enjoy.

I would love for you to accompany me next week on my search through Laax, Flims and Falera. We will visit the Elephant in Falera-Masegn to find out why you really should visit the toilet.
 © Copyright Vicki Gabathuler, 2016


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