"I would like two............. What?

German Language - Difficult Language

A feisty, Brazilian young woman visited a typical Swiss, village butcher shop with her German teacher.

“Today you have to order by yourself,” said the teacher.

The little gray haired, round faced butcher waited quietly behind the counter.

The young lady gathered her courage and began, “I would like….” She turned to her teacher for reassurance and the teacher nodded her head to encourage her to continue.

“I would like two “Hurra” (whores) please.

Everyone was speechless. Just like a tourist, she repeated herself, but much louder.

“I would like two “Hurra” PLEASE.”

After a couple of seconds of silence and a lot of finger pointing, she cleared up the confusion – she wanted two (Huhner) chicken breasts.

Well that is almost the same thing!
Another lesson learned.


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