Out and About - Werdenberger Schlossnachtnachtmarkt

Do you have plans this weekend? I received this invitation that sounds like fun. Browse the crafts by moonshine at the Castle Werdenberg.

This weekend is the 4th Werdenberg Castle Night-Market. This year’s motto - crafts. You will find a selection of creations ranging from original raw materials such as clay, metal, stone, wood or natural fibers, as well as herbs and natural fragrances.

The bistro invites you to enjoy a bite to eat or drink, sweet temptations and other delights, music, and more surprises await you.

Come and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the castle courtyard by moonlight.
When: Saturday, September 2 from 17.00 to 23.00
Where: In the courtyard of the Castle Werdenberg
Parking: Grütliparkplatz (at the restaurant Grütli, Werdenberg)

Bernarda Mattle, Töpferei TonArt, Werdenberg


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