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What are your expectations?

I asked an American mother of “many” this week to let me in on her number one tip she would give to anyone moving to East Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Graubünden. I loved her answer.

“I think I had to let go of my expectations that Europeans are cooler, more reserved (than Americans). I had this expectation that everyone here, should be friendly to me.   And they were, they have a friendliness in their manners. Everyone says Gruezi and shakes hands.  I was in Italy having breakfast, and no one said, “Good Morning.” I thought, “How rude!” Here, if you are in a small café or even the post office, everyone says Grüezi to each other. Everyone is warm and genuine."
VIP Tip of the Week

"I recommend that people let go of their expectations when it comes to friendliness and making contacts and accept what is given to you, it is genuine. Respectful."

Let’s celebrate our differences by accepting them.


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