2018 Reflections

The VIP Project Status

Happy New Year Everyone,

The curtain has closed on  2018, a year of broken bones and broken water wipes. I felt like I was drowning all year. A cast of handworkers whose refrain was, "Frau Gabathuler can you come...." were on the Gabathuler stage. I stopped writing,without any hope of completing a cognitive sentence on my VIP first draft, grabbed my crutches and made my way up or down the 36 stairs in my house.

I finished my first draft of  the VIP Project, but as Anne Lamott says in "Bird by Bird", "First drafts are s***t." Mine was.I promptly threw it into my trash pile, which was overflowing like Hawaii's Kilauea.

It is 2019.  The handworkers have vacated the Gabathuler stage and my efforts are focused on finishing my final draft of the VIP Project. I won't quit until the book accomplishes four goals:

1.  It offers newcomers practical tips on how to "Make Switzerland your home  - Don't just live here Adventure".
2.  The book explains to future VIP's and locals why the adventure is worth it.
3.  The VIP Project offers the locals a glimpse into how hard we VIP's try and the surprising obstacles we face.
4.  Everyone has a chance to grin or even lol.

No matter how long it takes.

What can you expect from Antebellum Swiss in 2019?  A few surprises.  Stay tuned.

 © Copyright Vicki Gabathuler, 2019


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