The Swiss "No"

Why do the Swiss say "nein" so often?

A lovely Asian VIP expressed her frustrations to me.  I will let you decide if she was more frustrated with her mother-in-law or the German language.

I was talking to my mother-in-law or at least trying to. No matter what I said each time she said “Nein, NEEIIN.”

I changed the subject and again she said "Nein". 
I wasn’t asking a question so why did she keep giving me an answer? I was confused and aggravated with her so I countered with a loud “YES”.

That evening I told my husband that I was not going to talk to his mother again. Ever.

Appalled he asked, “Why not?”

“She doesn’t believe a single thing I say. Not only that, she always says No. Does she think I'm lying?”

“Nein, Sweetie,” but before he could continue she screamed, “You too!”
He fidgeted, searching for the right words, “No, huh… wait, she didn’t mean no, she meant “unbelievable” or "really".

“Then why didn’t she just say so?“
 © Copyright Vicki Gabathuler, 2016


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