Dear Swiss

Sometimes you don't make it easy for us foreigners.

Maybe you don't believe me, but we 'Foreigners try our best to meet your expectations. But sometimes you don't make it easy for us.

As my Italian friend Giovanni discovered his first week at a new job.  

At the end of the first day, the boss said, "Giovanni, prima."

Giovanni looked at his watch.

The next morning, Giovanni arrived 10 minutes earlier.

Shortly before closing time the boss came by and said, "prima Giovanni, prima."

" Giovanni thought: "again!"

The next morning, Giovanni got to work even earlier. Again, at closing time the boss said,
"prima Giovanni."
"But boss, I came earlier every day, I simply can't come before 6 am," said Giovanni scared to aggravate the boss. He desperately needed the job.
Perplexed, the boss asked, "Why would you come earlier? I said your work is excellent!"

"'But boss' prima does not mean "Bravo"!"

Different language, different meaning.


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