For whom

  • People integrating into Switzerland - especially to a rural area
  • Students of the German language
  • Anyone who has dreamed of picking up and moving too far off places
Most of the entries are in English and very simple Vicki German.  Easy enough for beginners to read and practice their German.  Please don’t worry; my Vicki German has been translated to proper German.  I certainly don’t want you to repeat the magnitude of my language mistakes.

For the Locals – see your home from our perspective
German speakers have the opportunity to practice their English by reading both entries.  I hope that you can laugh at our experiences and appreciate just how difficult it is for us, but please keep in mind, we are trying. Maybe, just maybe you can find it in your hearts to be more tolerant with us and give us a break or at the very least - a smile.

For Travelers
You are invited to get out and about, eat with us, shop, sleep over and see what rural Switzerland has to offer.  Life doesn’t just happen in downtown; it thrives up in the forests and valleys, on the turquoise lakes, mountain tops and the less crowed idyllic villages.  Visit the largest and number one holiday region in Switzerland.