What can you expect

"Vickipedia" - Stories that will Tickle Your Funny Bone

My battle with the language, integration failures, mishaps, victories and adventures form the basis for a “vickipedia” collection of stories. I invite you to laugh and learn from all of my endless mistakes and hopefully be saved from making the same mistakes yourself.  
Some of you may not have family here so how can you respect the Swiss values, traditions and customs when you don’t even know what they are.  The “Swiss Mother-in-Law You Never Had” column teaches you what you need to know about the “Swissness” way of life.

VIP’s Tips & Tricks, Stories and Favorites

In case you tire of my catalogue of mistakes and mishaps, I have spoken to dozens of other VIP’s – “Very Integrated Persons “ and have collected their tips and tricks and stories of triumphs and struggles.
I hope that these stories will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart and always remind you that we „immigrants „ have all been there. It ain’t always easy but don’t give up.  “You can” make this or any foreign place your home. 

Interviews with VIP’s (Very Integrated Persons)

The Media bombards us with stories about “criminal foreigners”.  What about the rest of us?  There are many of us that have made this our home.   Not only are we integrated, but our communities have profited from our unique talents and perspectives. 
Antebellum Swiss puts the spotlight on VIP’s from over 20 different nationalities that have made Switzerland their home and have each in their own way contributed to their Swiss communities.

Herzlich Wilkommen - Out and About in East Switzerland, Graubünden and Liechtenstein

Antebellum Swiss has something to offer those of you who are travelling to the area from parts unknown or from other parts of Switzerland.  Discover where VIP’s take visiting family and friends. Get to know a huge part of Switzerland often ignored in travel guides. 

Welcome Ya’ll

Southern Hospitality is defined as making everyone feel warm and welcome. Southern Hospitality is a way of life, no matter where I live.  Allow me to welcome you to the gracious goodness of the South and of course my hometown, Memphis.  Let me persuade you to vary from the Swiss Route (Grand Canyon and co.) and to travel the “Vicki Route”. Be my guest as we visit my favorite places not listed in the Kuoni catalogues. Learn how to speak southern, cook up some southern recipes, understand my love for football and experience southern hospitality first hand at Antebellum Swiss.