Very Integrated Persons

Dr. Hossam Abdel-Rihem

I had the privilege of glancing behind the scenes at the Marienberg Trauma Center for Refugees. Roger Hochenreutener, the Managing Director of the VSGP (Association of St.Galler Municipal Presidents) praised you in the highest tones. "There are only two trauma specialized psychiatrists in Switzerland and we are extremely lucky to have one of them available to us; Dr. Hossam Abdel-Rehim," he said. Let me introduce you to the very tall doctor, with the big smile and enormous heart.

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Drazen Domjanic

The Vaterland newspaper says: "Innovation, Wit and Brilliance", the Volksblatt: "Super Talent from the Music Academy Liechtenstein", the Swiss Tagblatt says: "A Festival Evolves into a Living Tradition", "Ensemble Esperanza - New Sound World" says the “Sarganserland”. What do these headlines have to do with Drazen Domjanic?

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