Who am I to tell you?

Who Am I to tell you?
I have integrated twice, once to Miami, Cuba and once to Switzerland. Ok, maybe Miami isn’t geographically located outside the USA, but believe me, it was a whole new culture for me.   I was the only Gringo in SIN (Spanish International Network).  I like to think of it as my “pre-integration crash course 101”.
My parents taught me if you want things to change you have to get involved, take part, work and lead. If you don’t get up – you have to shut up!  Anybody that knows me would agree; I can’t keep my mouth shut so I have to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I haven’t only failed. I have mastered some of the hills and valleys of integration but boy has it been a bumpy road. It all started with volunteer work:
  • Elected to the Protestant Church Board and served as Vice-President for 12 years
  • Elected to the St. Gallen Protestant Church Parliament – 4 year term
  • Served on various political commissions
  • President of FDP Political Party - Gams and the American Women’s Club FL
  • Developed events, seminars and projects for our local community including the Annual National Holiday Celebration
  • Received my Marketing Degree and Coaching Diploma in German
  • Hauswirtschafts Diploma
Get involved, don’t be just an ex-pat. Become a valuable member of society, wherever that may be.
My experience proves that if you learn the language, make an effort, respect the way things are done where you live, be friendly and take part - you will be accepted. It won’t happen overnight and it takes effort - but it will happen.
Have you heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side?”
Not true.
“It just gets mowed more!” I agree with the proverb.  Please take my tip, don’t mow it on Sundays.