Tips und Tricks

Valeries Tips and Tricks

Some straight shooting words of advice, just as you would expect from the coach.


  1. „Everyone has to jump out of the box and force others to jump out of theirs." In other words, It is up to us to take the initiative.
  2. It would be ideal if you could go to Germany and learn high German for 6 months. 
  3. Join a club (verein) or a fitness center to practice your German and meet some people.
  4. Help out at your church, which ever one that is.
  5. Don’t be shocked at the slower pace of life, I equate it with the way and time grew up in the States, also in the way the society is changing.
  6. Don’t even try to figure out the smells – they usually come from a cow
But most importantly,
Conform to the ways of the natives even if you don’t like it, you live here. Complaining annoys those of us who have integrated as well as the natives.

And now for the fun stuff....

Where do take your visitors?
  • Heidiland
  • Käserei Appenzell
  • Schoggifabrik (chocolate factory)  Münzli in Flawil
What are your favorite restaurants?

We go over the border in Feldkirch to eat chinese.  But we go to different restaurants.
I love going to the spanish club in Grabs for authentic , fantastic paella.



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